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A Letter to Old Friends (Hebrew) :iconlongfuse:LongFuse 3 4
Alone - No 3 by LongFuse Alone - No 3 :iconlongfuse:LongFuse 1 0 Alone - No 2 by LongFuse Alone - No 2 :iconlongfuse:LongFuse 1 0 Alone - No 1 by LongFuse Alone - No 1 :iconlongfuse:LongFuse 3 2
Body is exhausted.
Eyelids are heavy.
Eyes are closed.
And my mind?
:iconlongfuse:LongFuse 1 0
Mature content
Desire :iconlongfuse:LongFuse 0 0
A Hug from a Someone.
And sometimes,
Especially in times like these,
I want a someone.
I want them to come with me to bed,
And to help me undress,
Because I'm just
So tired.
I want to feel their lips
On my forehead,
And to see through my half lidded eyes the smile that accompanies
Their innocent kiss.
I want them to lie by my side,
And to hug me,
And to feel them wrapping me
In their humanly warmth.
I want to lie in bed,
And feel safe
When the arms
Of a someone
Protect me
From the night
With love.
:iconlongfuse:LongFuse 1 0
Mature content
Crossing the Street :iconlongfuse:LongFuse 0 0
Mature content
I Think :iconlongfuse:LongFuse 1 0
What I think of Hetalia by LongFuse What I think of Hetalia :iconlongfuse:LongFuse 4 8
I think you're great and all,
And I like the way this is progressing
You're (arguably) the greatest guy I've ever met!
Do you have to bring him along everywhere?
He's always judging me,
Making me feel bad...
Can't you leave him at home for once?
Because he's starting to sound like a deal-breaker.
Just don't hang out with him as much,
Especially when I'm around.
He's just a bad influence,
That Yahawe.
:iconlongfuse:LongFuse 0 2
At Your Lowest Point
It is during your lowest point
That you discover your worth.
When no one is there
To help you up,
When you're all alone,
And all on your own
And helpless as a newborn pup.
This is when you tell yourself
To keep a stiff upper lip,
To not give in
And to keep standing tall,
To not fall down,
And try not to drown
In the vastness when you are so small.
And when you find yourself in darkness
Surrounded by loneliness and sadness
Because someone came and
Flicked off the switch,
Engineer a new one
And decide that you are done
With the life that has become your ditch.
:iconlongfuse:LongFuse 0 0
How to be Free
In the beginning, you told me:
"Hide nothing, tell me everything.
Anything that's bothering you, I'll be there."
But now I can't help but feel:
"Hide everything, tell him nothing,
Anything that's bothering me, he can't bare."
I feel what I've dreaded to feel,
Everything's lost in thought and consideration,
I'm censoring myself for your sake.
Or maybe I'm just scared,
Annoyed and confused,
My emotions dying to stay awake.
Please can we fast forward, like a movie?
At least then,
I'll know the end.
Will we, or won't we?
When and why?
What's coming around the bend.
I'm scared, I'll admit,
You no longer love me,
Lying to yourself and to me,
And that you're just prolonging the inevitable,
My love,
As I wait for you to know how to be free.
:iconlongfuse:LongFuse 1 7
I Will Control Emotion
Have someone argue with me,
You'll see my emotions,
They'll be as suddle
As a Tsunami from the ocean.
You'll see me lash out,
Defending my claims,
With vigor and zest,
Calling everyone names.
But argue yourself with me,
That's a whole different story.
My expression cold,
Snarky comments may vary.
You'll cry, you'll scream,
I will not be moved.
What do you know,
I may even be amused.
Cold and calculating
I shall remain,
After all, really,
It's all chemistry in the brain.
My poker face
Shall remain hard and unkind,
Because I believe,
Emotion makes you go blind.
I will stay cold and numb
As we disagree.
I will control emotion,
Or it will control me.
:iconlongfuse:LongFuse 0 0
The fear
I am crying.
Not because you said you'd call, and you didn't, and not because I texted you, and you didn't text back, but because of the fear. The fear that this will be too much for me to handle, the fear that you'll shut yourself in, and lock me out, making me more worried than I already am, the fear the drugs they're giving you will change you into someone I don't know - In short, the fear of losing you.
And it has already started.
:iconlongfuse:LongFuse 0 0
The wrong questions
Why can't you just be happy for me?
That the one song I played was the awesomest there.
Why can't you just say "I'm proud of you!"?
Instead of bombarding me with questions and statements.
Question and statements that make me feel bad about myself.
Questions and statements I really don't want to hear.
Really don't want to.
Questions and statements like,
"Why did you only play one song?"
"What happened to the solo you were going to do?"
"Why didn't you convince them?"
"It's probably because you weren't good enough."
"He played better than you."
"Why did you get such a small part?"
"Why did you get that song?"
"I'm only trying to figure out why you wanted us to come."
"Why did you make me buy a ticket?"
Because what I hear from all of this is,
"Why did no one want you?"
"Where's my little girl being the star?"
"Why did you give up my your dream?"
"You're never good enough."
"Why can't I have him as my son?"
"Why are you so insignificant?"
"Why did your song suck?"
"I didn't even want to c
:iconlongfuse:LongFuse 0 0


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